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Allied Re Corporation Ltd

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Who We Are

ALLIED RE CORPORATION LTD is an independent specialist in the CREDIT CONSUMER international market.

Subsidiary of ALLIED INSURANCE & REINSURANCE CORP. With over 16 years of specialist in financials experience, we are perfectly positioned to assist clients of all sizes to obtain a full range of bonds and guarantees for projects around the world.

As specialists in this sector we pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge and ability to understand our client’s varied needs irrespective of which business sector they operate in.

Whether you require a one off bond or are looking to obtain a new bond facility, replace an old facility or are seeking additional facilities we have the specialist knowledge to help you.

Regardless of how complex or simple your needs, we are here to assist.Our experience and expertise allows us to take the hard work out of obtaining bonds as we deal with all regulated providers of bonds and guarantees without exception. Given that not all providers will be interested in every enquiry our knowledge allows us to target those companies and underwriters who we know will be interested in offering you support.

This saves you valuable time and usually enables us to turnaround terms within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry. We know that when you need terms you generally need them quickly therefore our systems have been developed to respond to this.

As independent ALLIED RE CORPORATION LTD specialists our expertise lies in bonds and guarantees only and we do not undertake any general insurance business whatsoever. As a client of ours this fact is extremely comforting as we will only ever be completely focussed on your bond requirements.

Likewise if you are a general insurance broker you will find that using our services by means of ALLIED RE CORPORATION LTD Subsidiary of ALLIED INSURANCE & REINSURANCE CORP.

will enhance the work you are able to undertake for your clients as you will then be able to offer them a complete range of services thereby protecting your account.

General Insurance and Guarantee are completely different animals and the work we do with brokers of all sizes from the largest national broking networks to the smallest local brokerages allows you to add value to your own client relationships.

Put simply we offer a comprehensive solution you can trust.

Whether you have a specific requirement now or whether you are simply looking for some guidance send us an applicant form ,today to discuss your needs and get quick answers to your Bond and Guarantee questions.